Rodeo Time

It is Rodeo day. The Rodeo is a big annual event in San Antonio happening in February.

We bought tickets on-line Sunday morning, but we did not get tickets emailed to us. I called in and they finally emailed the ground tickets with a barcode.

I dressed up the boys with the same  blue T-shirts with matching colors as their dad. I love it when they wear matching outfits.

We got there at noon. It was a lucky day and we found a parking spot right away and so close to the entrance.

Once we got to the carnival, we decided to get wristbands for unlimited rides for the boys. It costs $30. Each ride needs 3-5 tickets which 4 tickets cost $5. We were certain that the kids will want to ride more than 5.

We were worried about Toby’s height at first because of the height restrictions for each ride. Luckily, he was 36 inches high which was good for a lot of little ones’ rides.

They always want to ride together because it was much more fun.

Their favorite ride was Swamp Gator. It was like a roller coaster for little ones. I can’t believe our 2 year old enjoyed it so much. He laughed the entire time on the ride.

We met up with one of my great friends, Janie. She brought her 3 years old daughter with her. She was so cute in a cowgirl outfit that matched her mom.

Three of them rode several rides together. They had rainbow snow cones as treats. After the rides, we went to the petting zoo to feed little goats and sheep. Most of the animals had big bellies. They must be so full because of being fed by so many children.

Then the kids went to learn how to make ropes, rode a little tractor, fished for prizes, and played in the gravel box for a while.

The kids wanted to ride a pony, but the line was too long. So we decided to go to the Texas Wildlife exhibit. They got to do more activities like looking at shells, rocks, and bugs with a magnifier. I really enjoyed the sand exhibits myself.

We had so much fun and totally forgot about lunch. We went back to the carnival and got hog dogs and hamburgers. After eating and taking a little break, the kids wanted to do more rides even though they looked exhausted especially the youngest.

It was almost 6 pm and the rides area was much more crowded than in the morning. The line was getting a lot longer. We were glad that  we already did a lot of rides earlier. So we decided to go home. It was absolutely a blast for the kiddos. I really love seeing my kids taking care of each other. The older always looked after his little brother when they took rides together.

We love SA Rodeo and can’t wait to come back next year.


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