The Four Musketeers in Downtown San Antonio

The four musketeers started having a yummy  lunch at the River center mall food court at noon in Downtown San Antonio.

There are many food choices from Chinese, Mexican, American, and Italian. The prices are reasonable.

Four of them are sharing yummy Alfredo pasta. Before taking a walk on the Riverwalk, they got their favorite icy at the Riverboat ticket booth. That will keep them energetic for a while.

They all had a camera, iPhone, and iPad ready to take photos of the Riverwalk and one another. The weather was very nice even though it was already  December. Leaves were green and flowers were blooming. When the Riverboat passed by, they waved and gave people on the boat their big smiles. People on the boat waved back like they were royals.

Along the Riverwalk, there were artisans selling their unique arts and crafts. Some artisans also custom made their crafts on the spot. 

They walked passed many restaurants. Most  Riverwalk restaurants were full with people. There were so many tables on the sidewalk filled with people having their meal. Food was not cheap but the nice atmosphere on the Riverwalk  was well worth it.

The four musketeers  favorite restaurant was the Rain Forrest Cafe. Food is pretty pricy but big plates made up for it. Eating in the jungle under a thunder storm with elephants, snakes, and gorillas was so much fun for them. 

Walking through the Hyatt Recency hotel next to Rain Forrest Cafe, we passed by some nice water features and got up stairs to see the Alamo. The Alamo is free for anyone unless you would like to get an audio tour. It was nice for them to walk through the museum and read the history.

After visiting the Alamo, the 4 musketeers needed their little break and had dipping dots as refreshments at the Wax museum in front of the Alamo.

Then they continued the fun with the Wax museum where President Trump was in the front to welcome them. They really enjoyed being in that setting with the stars, singers, and super heroes. After that, they watched a 4D movie. It was about Santa's  riding sleigh traveling through snowy mountains. The chairs were up and down and snow was coming down and sometimes sprayed on their faces. Everyone were laughing and squealing with excitement. It was the highlight of the day.

Right next door was Ripley’s Believe it or not. One of the 7 year old musketeers got a bit scared from time to time passing by bizarre exhibits and asked his dad to hold him and to cover his eyes. There were many fun activities inside they could explore besides looking at exhibits.

They all started to get hungry after a few  hours having fun. We walked from Alamo to the River Center mall and had Chinese dinner and ice cream for dessert. They shared photos they took and enjoyed pictures of one another.

The day ended with taking a boat ride along the River Walk. They all enjoyed the lighting and listening to the tour guide telling the history of the buildings and landmarks along the sidewalk of the Riverwalk.

They wished their day together would never end but it was almost 7 o’clock and time to say goodbye because the next day was the school day before Christmas break.

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