Fun Day at the Zoo

Before getting back to reality after a one week winter break (mom and dad are back to work and the kids are back to school), let’s have some fun at the San Antonio Zoo.

It was nice to have Matty and Kieran go with us. The kids were having fun trying to find where all the animals were hiding. The weather in January is very nice in San Antonio this weekend so a lot of animals enjoyed napping and having their sun bath. The kids were chasing one another around most of the time while checking out what the animals were doing. We have a zoo bucket to fill with unlimited popcorn for $1 and a zoo bottle to fill with unlimited ICEE’s for $2.

Between feeding the animals and feeding themselves they were kept entertained all day long.

Interacting with and feeding the small parrots at Lory Landing was my favorite.

One of them came to say hello on my shoulder. My friend was so quick to snap a photo. They love to come close and eat food from visitors. Watching them dance and play with one another was so cute.

Riding the hand-painted  animal carousel was so fun for the kids. They wished they could have unlimited rides but it costs $3 each time. However thinking that money will go to take care of all the animals in the zoo was just like making donations.

The zoo also has behind the scenes with animals such as the hippo, giraffe, and rhino so before starting your day, you might want to check the schedule online and zoo map so you can make plans to see them.

There are other activities nearby but outside the zoo. Just a short walk. Such as a train ride, the Japanese garden, and Brackenridge Park so you might want to plan for 1 full day to visit the zoo.

For couples who are animal lovers , the zoo can be your wedding venue. 
You can have a birthday  party, wedding, company picnic, and team building at the zoo. The zoo will provide you with activities and catering. That sounds like an awesome idea for my kids’ birthday party.

Zoo membership is not expensive just $38 per person and they let you take one friend to visit several times a year.

Make memories with your kids at our San Antonio zoo today and learn about various animals that you will never meet unless you visit the zoo.

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